Grow your own and really enjoy the fruits of summer. Freshly harvested the flavour and richness will make you wonder why you ever bought soft fruit in the past - in terms of flavour and expense!! So easy to grow, taking up little space and wonderful value for money - a bush will more than pay for itself within 2 years and you can expect years more production after that. If you have an excess then freeze them or make some tasty home made jam .... mmmm! All stock container grown in 2-3lt pots and sourced from reputable UK growers. Although not listed we carry a good range of pot grown strawberries especially in early

Blackcurrant 'Malling Jet' A larger, more vigorous form with long strings of small to medium-size fruit quite late in the season; late August. Sharpish, acidic flavour. Late flowering so not damaged by frosts. To: 2.0x1.7m.  
Blackcurrant 'Ben Nevis' One of the earlier croppers with good harvests of large, sweetly flavoured fruits. Moisture retentive soil in sun.  
Blackcurrant 'Ben Sarek' Smaller, more compact variety bearing heavy crops of large berries, mid-July. Good frost resistance when flowering. Organic-rich soil in a sunny position. Ht: 90-120cms (3-4ft).  
Blueberry 'Bluecrop' A popular variety bearing clusters of sweet, edible, blue-black berries in autumn. Makes an excellent pie or tart. Requires an ACID, moist yet drained, humus-rich soil. Best in a sunny site out of cold winds. 2-3 forms recommended to ensure pollination.. 1.5x1.2m.  
Blueberry 'Goldtraube' Heavy cropping variety producing delicious, juicy, firm, well flavoured aromatic fruit; July & August. Robust, reliable, well branched shrub the pink-white flowers in April & good autumn foliage a bonus. Neutral to acid soil in part shade. 2-3 forms recommended to ensure pollination. To: 120x60cms.  
Blueberry 'Northland' Consistent heavy cropper of large succulent berries; late July to early September. Attractive heads of bell-shaped, white flowers in spring. Needs a moist yet well-drained, acid in sun or partial shade. Self fertile but better pollination if planted in groups. To 1.5m  
Boysenberry 'Thornless' An interesting Loganberry x Blackberry x Raspberry hybrid! Large, oblong, dark, raspberry-like fruit with the flavour of wild blackberry. Produces a profusion of thorny canes. Train against a sunny wall or frame. Space: 2.0m. Harvest: July-August.  
Goji Berry (Lycium barbarum) (Syn. Duke or Argyll's Tea Tree) A large, arching shrub grown for its small, orange-red fruit (bit like a savoury cranberry) which are filled with powerful antioxidants and other compounds. Requires a free draining soil in sun.  
Gooseberry 'Hinnonmaki Red' A lovely new eating variety bearing heavy crops of sweet & juicy, red fruit; late June-July. Neat, bushy habit with good disease resistance. Fertile, reasonably drained soil in sun. Prune annually to maintain good shape and fruiting.  
Gooseberry 'Hinnonmaki Green' An excellent variety with consistently prolific crops of very large, olive green fruit with sweet, aromatic taste; mid July. Particularly resistant to powdery mildew. To: 90x90cms. Self fertile  
Gooseberry 'Invicta' Highly praised, heavy cropping culinary variety with large, pale green fruit; late July. Immune to mildew. Vigorous, spreading growth. Well drained, sunny position.  
Gooseberry 'Whinhams Industry' Heavy cropper with dark-red, medium-size fruit of excellent, sweet flavour; late July. Upright habit. Requires moderate pruning. Better in heavier soil than 'Leveller'.  
Grape 'Black Hamburgh' (Vitis vinifera 'Schiava Grossa') Popular eating variety bearing big bunches of large, black, sweet, juicy fruit of excellent flavour. Suitable for cold greenhouse or a sunny, south wall.  
Grape 'Muscat Blue' A modern grape producing excellent, blue-black, sweet, juicy fruit for both eating and wine. Disease resistant, early fruiting variety suitable for outdoor cultivation. Free draining site in full sun.  
Japanese Wineberry (Rubus phoenicolasius) A very decorative, unusual fruit. The arching canes, covered in soft, bright-red bristles, are topped with clusters of small, sweet, orange-red berries; yields are not high. Requires a sunny aspect. Space:1.8m. Harvest: August  
Loganberry LY654 (Thornless) Large dark red fruit of good flavour, July-September. Ideal stewing, jam, freezing Space:10-12ft. Enriched soil in a sunny position.  
Raspberry 'Allgold' A yellow, AUTUMN fruiting variety similar in habit to Autumn Bliss & slightly sweeter; crops from early August to October. Fruit produced on current years wood. Space: 45cms and mulch well.  
Raspberry 'Autumn Bliss' Excellent autumn fruiting variety producing heavy crops of good flavoured fruit in Aug-Sept. Fruit borne on current year's wood. Upright, sturdy canes not requiring support. Deep, moist soil in sun. Space 45cms.  
Raspberry 'Glen Cova' Early-mid season variety producing heavy yield of firm, medium-size fruit. Good for freezing or dessert. Prune out old canes after fruiting. Reasonably drained soil in sun. Space 45cms.  
Raspberry 'Polka' An excellent new AUTUMN fruiting variety picking earlier than Autumn Bliss and with larger fruiting potential. Sweet, red fruit from mid August until late September. Fruit borne on current years wood. Space: 45cms and mulch well.  
Redcurrant 'Laxton No.1' An old favourite. Early variety producing heavy yields of good flavoured, medium size fruit held in long trusses; mid July. Strong growing, reliable for a reasonably drained, fertile soil in sun.  
Redcurrant 'Rovada' The latest ripening variety bearing a profusion of large, succulent fruit from mid July through August. Freezes well. Reasonably drained soil in an open, sunny position.  
Rhubarb 'Champagne' Old Yorkshire variety with very long, sweet tasting scarlet stems. Ideal for cooking & winemaking. Needs a rich, retentive or moist soil in a sunny site. Do not harvest stems for at least 12 months until the plants settle. Good garden variety. 45x 90cm.`  
Rhubarb 'Glaskin's Perpetual' Rarely grown variety, giving flavousome stalks over a long period in spring. Said to be slightly sweeter than the traditional `Timperley Early'. A good variety for forcing, usually fruiting for 8 weeks. Retentive, well manured soil in sun.  
Rhubarb 'Grandad's Favourite' Bred by Alan Bloom in 1954 this excellent yet rarely seen variety has long, sweet red sticks that generally need less sugar than other varieties. Strong & vigorous. Leave undisturbed in rich, retentive soil in sun or light shade.  
Rhubarb 'Timperley Early' Popular early variety of good flavour. Excellent for forcing. Well manured, retentive soil.  
Rhubarb 'Victoria' Popular, older variety with long, impressive stalks of red flushed fruit. Can be kept producing for an eight week period in spring. Good flavour for pies & tarts. Retentive soil in sun.  
Strawberry 'Cambridge Favourite' Popular, heavy cropping variety of good flavour; mid season. Sunny, open position in fertile soil. Space: 45cms.  
Strawberry 'Elsanta' Heavy cropping variety of outstanding flavour. Mid-season. Sunny, open position. Space 45cms(18ins). New Dutch variety similar to Cambridge Favo  
Strawberry 'Hapil' Large attractive fruits. Good cropper. Mid-season. Sunny, open position. Space 45cms(18ins)  
Tayberry (Rasberry x Blackberry hybrid) Large, sweet, juicy, deep purple fruit of excellent flavour. Heavy cropping variety. Good for eating fresh, cooking & freezing. Open, sunny position in deep, fertile soil.  
Whitecurrant 'White Versailles' Lovely dessert variety bearing long & heavy trusses of large, pale yellow, sweet fruit of delicate flavour early July. Reliable variety giving good crops year after year. Any reasonable soil in sun.