Updated August 11th 2022

We are now using peat free, organic compos
t with added slow release fertiliser & organic vine weevil control. The compost is manufactured in England from renewable resources. The results are proving to be extremely good.
We cannot guarantee to have all plants listed at any given time and more will be added as the season progresses. Some rarer plants are in very small numbers only.
 Sorry folks no more mail orders until next Autumn
Plants can be pre ordered for collection within 7 days.

pot size
Pot size
: our standard size is 1.4lt (centre), larger specimens in 2-3lt (2lt right) and smaller growers in 0.5 (left) or 1.0lt pots

We are now moving over to beige coloured re-cyclabable pots ~ please return them on your next visit.

Before making a long journey please do contact to check whether we currently have stocks available of plants on your wish list - it saves a lot of embarrassment. Tel: 01799 584362       sales@beechesnursery.co.uk